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Offshore Development

Offshore Development Overview

Nissho Electronics Vietnam started to provide Offshore Development service taking advantage of the experience and knowledge which Nissho Electronics got by providing software development service for financial industry in Japan for a long time.

Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides product management service that is software development service includes products development, upgrade, maintenance support and software development service based on project, mainly business application system for financial industry.

The engineer in Nissho Electronics Vietnam have overwhelming high Japanese skill, communicate with Japanese client directly and manage and execute project without communicator smoothly.

Since our client can conclude a contract with Nissho Electronics, you don’t need to concern about beginning offshore development in Vietnam.


History of Our Business


Why Nissho Electronics Vietnam?

Experience of software product development

Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides product management service and support not only software product development and enhancement, but also maintenance support, upgrade in addition to project base service.

Japanese Skill

75% of engineer in Nissho Electronics Vietnam have Japanese Certification and 60% of engineer can communicate with Japanese directly. Our project manager communicate with Japanese client without communicator.

Skillful Architect

Application architect support each project on technical side and application frame work design, prototype development before detail design phase. And also the architect executes check & review in test phase to improve quality level.

Offshore Development Process


The example of the method to proceed our Project

The example of the method to proceed our Project

Pilot Phase

The purpose is to understand the customer’s business and work style, and at the same time the customer is able to judge whether our resouces meet the requirements or not.

  • Period : 3 months
  • Contract : Laboratory Type
  • Number : 2 persons (PM/BSE 1 person, SE 1 person)
  • KPI : Requirements Understanding (accuracy), Productivity(speed), Artifacts(quality)

The history of productivity is always recorded in this period for the later uses in the quantitative evaluation and the qualitative evaluation.

Official Offshore Development Phase

The customer evaluation the result of the Pilot phase, if the result is good then we will build a development structure for the next step.

The PM/BSE person in the Pilot phase will come back to NEV to build the offshore development structure, and become the contract point (offshore side) with the customers from this phase.

The PG in the Pilot phase will stay at the the customer company to continue the development and become the contract point (onside) with the customer.

Summarize know-hows and experiences gained in 3 months in Pilot pahse into the manual documentation, then expand to the offshore development team, in order to build a healthy development system while eliminating as much as possible the personal related work.

According to the feature of the development project, we propose to the customer a flexible pricing structure, and present not only thre development speed but also the cost advantage.

Continuously perform the business improvement, to speed up the development and reduce cost while maintaining the accuracy.

Technical Coverage


Skill Up Training for Japanese

bullet-checkJapanese DO JO

3 Class for Japanese training “Japanese DO JO” (Beginner,Middle,High). General Director & Communicator provides special training of Japanese for software development team member.



Project Management Tools


bullet-check Project Management

Project management tool, “RedMine”

bullet-check Quality Management

“RedMine” and our own quality management tool

bullet-check Version Management

Version management tool, Subversion(SVN)

bullet-check Communication

Video Conference system “Polycom”、“Skype”、”SCPIA”

bullet-check VPN Line

Two VPN line (primary and secondary) *Different service provider.

Security Management

bullet-check Office Environment

・Track enter and leave the office area by “ID card”
・Recode employee activity by “video camera system” in the office area
・Operate “Clean Desk Campaign”

bullet-check Equipment

enquipment・Exclusive server area for offshore software development
・Encryption of HDD in server & PC
・ID & Password for bios and OS (finger print lock for laptop)
・No bringing out the office with PC wire locked

bullet-check Security Guide line

・Establish security guide line based on that of Nissho Electronics and Sojitz
・Execute security training and test to confirm understanding regularly
・Establish emergency escalation organization chart

Experience (Product Management)

#1. Image Entry Application PKG

・Scope of works for offshore side: Provide maintenance support (Tier2), enhancement
・Applied technology:VC++, MS-SQL Server
・Scale:3 persons×36 months on going

#2. ECM PKG (Enterprise Contents Management)

・ Scope of Works offshore Side :Provide detail design,coding,unit test,integration test(internal)

・ Applied technology :Java, HTML5, MS-SQL Server

・ Scale:10 persons×6 months

#3. CTI Software PKG

・ Scope of Works offshore Side :Provide maintenance support(Tier2),enhancement

・ Applied technology :Java, .Net

・ Scale:6 persons×12 months

#4. SaaS base CRM Software PKG

・ Scope of Works offshore Side : Provide maintenance support(Tier2),enhancement

・ Applied technology :Curl、PHP、MS-SQL Server

・ Scale:20 persons×6 months

Experience (Project Base)

#1. Stress Check App Project

・ Scope of Works offshore Side :Provide basic & detail design,coding,unit test, integration test (internal)

・ Applied technology :Liferay、Java、MS-SQL Server

・ Scale:11 persons×1 month(PM:1/BSE:1/PG:9)

#2. AI Tool Development Project

・ Scope of Works offshore Side :Provide date cleansing, developing script, multiple regression analysis

・ Applied technology :Python

・ Scale:5 persons×1 month

#3. Screening WorkFlow Project for Credit Card provider

・ Scope of Works offshore Side : Provide coding, unit test, integration test (internal)

・ Applied technology:ASP.net, MS-SQL Server, BPM Middleware

・ Scale:11 persons ×9 months(PM:1/BSE:3/PG:7)

#4. Trading Process Project for Express Company

・ Scope of Works offshore Side : Provide detail design, coding, unit test, integration test (internal)

・ Applied technology:BPM Suite, MS-SQL Server

・ Scale:6 persons×5 months(PM:1/BSE:1/PG:4)

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