Versatile point card – “Vpoint”
  • Accumulate point
  • Use points
  • Make a payment (as credit/debit card)
  • Loyalty card
  • Can be used at all stores / merchant in Vpoint community
  • More extended function...
Types of card:
  • Physical card
  • Application on mobile/ tablet
Vpoint ecosystem and system ability
  • 8.5 million Vinaphone Plus members (V+) with 120 million points/month
  • 7.2 million members from other merchants
  • Concentrated in big cities:
    Hanoi city, Hochiminh city, Danang city.
  • Young-age customers are associated with technology;have flexible purchasing behavior and high frequency of purchasing.
Accumulate points from everywhere
  • Customers can get many incentives from All Merchant in Vpoint community
  • Get point incentives form Vinaphone (including Vpoint & Vinaphone Plus) when using Vinaphone’s cellphone number
  • Take advantage of all the bonuses, accumulated points & use points like cash
Use accumulated points effectively & conveniently
  • Only need 1 Vpoint card for accumulate incentive points from all merchant in Vpoint community
  • Use incentive points effectively based on actual shopping needs
  • Give points between members in Vpoint community
  • Accumulated points in 1 card, so it’ll save all promotional incentive