You can design data entry form intuitively

You can import some document image data and then design data entry form for the document image with refering the document image that you imported into this tool. Also you can set up each field of data entry form in detail.

Form Designer >>

Equiped with Macroinstruction, VisualBasic

Provide function of checking, editing and serching data base automatically for data you entered with macro instruction,Visual Basic. If you have some experience to handle Visual Basic, you can set up macro instruction.

Macroinstruction >>

Design data input process

You can design data input process with worlflow designer function. The workflow designer is much flexible and enables work process to set up efficiently.

Workflow Designer >>


You can set up an authorization to use function for each workflow and user. The Authorization function enables your work much simple.

Authorization >>

Image Import

Import Image data

If you use scan software “Scad All Pro, PFU” and “Quick Scan Pro, EMC”, you can send scanned image data to e-Entry Express+ directly. If you use other scan software, you can send scanned image data to e-Entry Express+ via temporary directory.

Data Entry

You can input data intuitively

You can input data efficiently based on navigation on the screen.And also e-Entry express+ has double entry and comparing function which compares data one operator inputs and another one inputs at the same time. After comparing data, if you got the different result between one and another, you can validate it on compare function and fix data efficiently.

Data Entry >>

Compare Entry >>


Monitor work performance

You can monitor work performace for each task.

And also you can confirm not only work performance but also work quality for each operator.

DashBoard >>

Monitor work performance >>

Track access log

You can monitor access log to e-Entry Express+ such as when anyone access?, who access?, what does he or she do with e-Entry express+?

Track access log >>

Optional Function

OCR(optional function)

If you have to handle many kinds of documents in e-Entry Express+, you can select data entry form automatically with Barcode and OCR. Of course you can select data entry form with form select function by yourself.

Image Importer >>