Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides software solution for Vietnam market place taking advantage of the experience and knowledge, which Nissho Electronics has in Japan market, also knowledge and resource that Nissho Electronics Vietnam has in Offshore development business.

To support improvement of business process for our clients, Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides various software solution to improve business process with lots of experience in Japan.

Experience of Project for Financial Industry

Nissho Electronics has a plenty of experience to implement software solution for financial industry such as bank, insurance company, securities, credit card provider in Japan.

Knowledge for Business Process Improvement

Nissho Electronics focus on improving business process, also has useful Knowledge to improve various business process including input and output. Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides know-how to improve business process based on the experience in Japan for enterprise market in Vietnam.

Capability of all in one support in Vietnam

Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides not only software solution but also implementation and maintenance support continuously. The engineer in Nissho Electronics Vietnam support you for implementation, training, maintenance. You can use our solution without any worries.

“e-Entry Express+” is “Image Entry Application Software” in our Software Solution lined up. “e-Entry Express+” is ease of use to input data and streamlines your data entry process using useful function such as Double entry, Compare entry,Workflow, and optional function OCR recognition etc. Input data that you generated using “e-Entry Epress+” is exported to the following system, Enterprise system and CRM sytem, Banking system. “e-Entry Express+” enables the front row process, “Input process” in your business line to improve throughput and accuracy.

In Japan, Nissho Electronics provides this solution for financial industry such as Bank, Credit Card Provider, Insurance company, and Retail, Manufucturer, BPO provider in order to streamline “Input process” that you have to handle lots of ducuments such as application. Nissho Electronics has been involved in Data Entry Business for over 40 years and already have provided “e-Entry Express+” over 40 enterprise companies in Japan.

easy to use
  • Monitor business activity
  • You can manage statistics
  • Provide accuracy with double entry method
  • Provide correlation check function
  • Protect important information
  • Track access log
  • Easy to input data for everyone
  • Easy to set up data entry from
e-Entry Express+ data entry process

*Please click each function on the fuction list and check it in detail.

Image import

  • Import doc image data

Data Entry

  • Select data entry form
  • Select data entry task
  • Select data entry task (batch)
  • Data entry(double entry)
  • Compare input data


  • Monitor work perfomance
  • Set up work priority
  • Fix input data
  • Track access log
  • Statistics
  • Group function
  • Set up log out automatically