Nissho Electronics Vietnam started to provide Offshore Development service taking advantage of the experience and knowledge which Nissho Electronics got by providing software development service for financial industry in Japan for a long time.

Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides product management service that is software development service includes products development, upgrade, maintenance support and software development service based on project, mainly business application system for financial industry.

The engineer in Nissho Electronics Vietnam have overwhelming high Japanese skill, communicate with Japanese client directly and manage and execute project without communicator smoothly.

Since our client can conclude a contract with Nissho Electronics, you don’t need to concern about beginning offshore development in Vietnam.


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Software PKG Migration Documentation Localization

  • Mainternance suport
  • Development&enhancement
  • Upgrade

  • Laboratory base service
  • Fixed cost base service
  • Migration

Local partner in Vietnam

Experience of software product development

Nissho Electronics Vietnam provides product management service and support not only software product development and enhancement, but also maintenance support, upgrade in addition to project base service.

Japanese Skill

75% of engineer in Nissho Electronics Vietnam have Japanese Certification and 60% of engineer can communicate with Japanese directly. Our project manager communicate with Japanese client without communicator.

Skillful Architect

Application architect support each project on technical side and application frame work design, prototype development before detail design phase. And also the architect executes check & review in test phase to improve quality level.

of the software development process

The example
of the software development process

Pilot Phase

Official Offshore Development Phase

OS Windows Linux Mac iOS Android
Program Java .Net
PHP Opjective-C Swift
Python Perl Delphi HTML5 Java Script
Ruby Go lang Cobol Shell/Batch C/C++
PL/SQL Curl React/Redux
Framework J2EE .Netframework Struts Spring Liferay
Ibatis Hibernate Seasar PrimeFace Laravel
Cake PHP Zend Codeigniter Symfony Yii
Boostrap AngularJs Django
DB Oracle SQL Server My SQL PostgreSQL MongoDB
SQLite DynamoDB MariaDB Aurora MS access
Infrastructure Depend on Pj Local Infra Amazon Cloud Google Cloud Azure Cloud
Open Source Liferay
WEB APP Server Tomcat Jboss Apache Nginx IIS
Weblogic Websphere WILDFLY
Others OpenText BPM ECM Captiva Grandit e-Entry

  • Opentext BPM
  • Formware
  • ACC
  • E Cood
Japanese DO JO
3 Class for Japanese training “Japanese DO JO” (Beginner,Middle,High). General Director & Communicator provides special training of Japanese for software development team member.

Office Environment
  • Track enter and leave the office area by “ID card”
  • Recode employee activity by “video camera system” in the office area
  • Operate “Clean Desk Campaign”

  • Exclusive server area for offshore software development
  • Encryption of HDD in server & PC
  • ID & Password for bios and OS (finger print lock for laptop)
  • No bringing out the office with PC wire locked

Security Guide line
  • Establish security guide line based on that of Nissho Electronics and Sojitz
  • Execute security training and test to confirm understanding regularly
  • Establish emergency escalation organization chart

What is Information Security Management System (ISMS)?
“Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a part of the overall management system, based on a business risk approach, to establish, implement, operate, monitor review, maintain and improve information security”

The management system includes organizational structure, policies, planning activities responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources.

Structure of ISO 27001:
11 Information Security Control Areas
  • 1. Security Policies
  • 2. Organization of Information Security
  • 3. Asset Management
  • 4. Human Resource Security
  • 5. Physical & Environment Security
  • 6. Communication & Operation Management
  • 7. Access Control
  • 8. Information systems acquisition, development and maintenance.
  • 9. Information Security Incident Management
  • 10. Business Continuity Management
  • 11. Compliance
39 Information Security Control Objectives.
135 Information Security Controls

  • Scope of works for offshore side: Provide maintenance support (Tier2), enhancement
  • Applied technology:VC++, MS-SQL Server
  • Scale:3 persons×36 months on going
  • Scope of Works offshore Side :Provide detail design,coding,unit test,integration test(internal)
  • Applied technology :Java, HTML5, MS-SQL Server
  • Scale:10 persons×6 months
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side : Provide Maintenance Support, Unit Test Support
  • Technology:Perl, Java, HA Cluster, AWS
  • Scale : 5 persons × 8 months
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side : Frontend Software Development
  • Technology:React/Redux, AWS
  • Scale : 7 persons × 6 months
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side : Provide Basic & Detail Design,Coding,Unit Test, Integration Test (internal)
  • Applied technology: Liferay、Java、MS-SQL Server
  • Scale: 11 persons x 1 month (PM:1/BSE:1/PG:9)
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side :Provide Date Cleansing, Developing Script, Multiple Regression analysis
  • Technology :Python, AWS
  • Scale:5 persons × 1 month
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side : Provide Detail Design, Coding, Unit Test, Integration Test (internal)
  • Technology : Go Lan, Java, AWS
  • Scale:20 persons × 9 months(PM:1/BSE:3/PG:16)
  • Scope of Works Offshore Side : Provide Detail Design,Coding,Unit Test
  • Technology :Ruby, embulk Github, AWS S3
  • Scale:3 persons × 5 months(PM:1/PG:2)